Walk On The Wild Side

Walk On The Wild Side

Join Stevie Nix, who's looking for soul food and a place to eat. He thought he was James Dean for a day.

How high did Walk On The Wild Side chart in the US? Who came up with the signature bass line? Why did Lou Reed ghost David Bowie for a decade? Join Stevie Nix as he answers all of these questions and more on this episode that in the back room is everybody's darling. WARNING: This episode contains traces of the Australian media asking impertinent questions in 1974.
Featured artists [in alphabetical order]:
Will Hearn ft Delaney Cheal
Da Homelanders
Jordan Mackampa
Fre Monti
Lausse The Cat
Alice Phoebe Lou
Lou Reed
Safari Nomads ft Tessa Dixson
Texas Lightning
A Tribe Called Quest

Suzanne Vega

Bonus track: Mark Winkler & Cheryl Bentyne

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