Song Sung New. Uncovering Cover Versions.November 08, 2020x
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Join Stevie Nix, who one of these mornings is going to find the livin' is easy. So don't you cry.

Would George Gershwin still be allowed to write Summertime today? Which song did he steal the melody from? What drove him to compose it? Join Stevie Nix as he answers all of these questions and more as he finds covers that spread their wings and take to the sky. WARNING: This episode contains traces of elephant footprints.

Featured artists [in alphabetical order]:

Nadine Benjamin
Big Brother & The Holding Company
James Brown & Martha High
Sam Cooke
Miles Davis
Lana Del Rey
Al Green
Eilen Jewell
Annie Lennox
The Marcels
Guy Mintus Trio
Willie Nelson
Paul Robeson
Scary Pockets ft Olivia Kuper-Harris
Karen Souza
Billy Stewart
Billy Strings & Marcus King
Rick Wakemen
The Zombies

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