Season 4 Mix Tape
Song Sung New. Uncovering Cover Versions.August 11, 2022x
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Season 4 Mix Tape

Highlights from Season 4. Music only, no waffle.  WARNING: Fragments of songs spliced together for the hell of it.

Into The Mystic [Van Morrison]
California Dreamin' [Mamas & Papas]
Amazing Grace [Garth Brooks]
Full Force Gale [Elvis Costello]
Could You Be Loved [Bob Marley]
Drive My Car [The Beatles]
Heart Of Gold [Mr E & Fred Traverso]
Lonely Avenue [Ray Charles]
Crazy [Stories ft Madelyn Grant]
Eleanor Rigby [Joe Jackson]
California Dreamin' [Scala & Kolacny Brothers]
What'd I Say [Soulfingers]
The Bed's Too Big Without You [The Police]
The Way Young Lovers Do [Jeff Buckley]
Here Comes The Night [Them]
Crazy [Gnarls Barkley]
A Man Needs A Maid/Heart Of Gold [Neil Young]
Full Force Gale [Elvis Costello]
What A Wonderful World [Ben Caplan]
Girl [Joe Jackson]
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic [Strontium 90]
California Dreamin' [Bobby Womack]
What'd I Say [Solomon Burke]
Gloria [Them + Patti Smith]
Her Majesty [Chumbawamba]

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