Electric Light Orchestra
Song Sung New. Uncovering Cover Versions.April 10, 2022x
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Electric Light Orchestra

Join Stevie Nix, who is sailing away on the crest of a wave. It's magic. ⛵

Who came up with the idea for Electric Light Orchestra [hint: it wasn't Jeff Lynne]? What did John Lennon call ELO? Why is Eldorado's album cover significant? Join Stevie Nix as he answers all of these questions and more on this episode that weaves some strange magic on the last train to London. WARNING: This episode contains traces of Free As A Bird.

Featured songs [in chronological order]:

Blackberry Way
Do Ya
Showdown [Chris Cornell]
Can’t Get It Out Of My Head [John Paul White]
Evil Woman [Mike Posner]
Strange Magic [Lowland Hum]
Telephone Line
Livin’ Thing [The Beautiful South]
Sweet Talkin' Woman [Cuthead]
Mr Blue Sky [Postmodern Jukebox]
Don’t Bring Me Down [Kaiak]
Last Train To London [DJ PP]
End Of The Line

Hidden track: Showdown [John Greene]

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ELO Mix Tape

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